Sunday, September 21, 2008

Quick Birthday gift containers!

When I was called to be 2nd counselor in the Relief Society, I instantly was swamped with all kinds of new ideas I wanted to implement. One of those was to recognize the sister's birthdays with a little something special, so I baked some crispy oatmeal raisin cookies with white chocolate chips in them & pulled together these two cute containers to put the cookies in.  I also have a sign up sheet for each month & the sisters at church volunteer to make or give something small to those having birthdays & this month it was a free haircut, along with the cookies I made. Not too shabby!  

Just trying to show you the nice depth & roominess it has for an assortment of fun treats & I like the way the tissue paper shows through. 
I covered the back too, just for fun.  

Supplies Used (All from current stash of goodies):
1. plastic container - FREE
2. paper - from my scrap box
3. ribbons - from my stash
4. stickers - $2.00 from the Dollar Tree (I used some from 2 different packs)
5. brads - from stash
6. tissue paper - from stash
7. baked oatmeal cookies inside

Supplies Used:
1. baby formula can - FREE
2. paper - from scrap drawer cut to size
3. stickers from pack that's been sitting around for who knows how long - I know it's been a pretty long time because I had to add more adhesive they were so old their own adhesive had lost it's tackiness
5. ribbon - from my stash
6. tissue paper - from my stash
7. baked oatmeal cookies inside


shipley family said...

You are so creative. You are perfect for the calling in R.S. You are going to bleess all those sisters. I love both the crafts and may have to steal them for gifts. Thanks for the ideas.

Sybil said...

Those are super cute! Love the way they turned out. I'll bet the cookies are great too!