Monday, October 6, 2008

Wipe Diaper Case

I had originally posted this on my blog because Maria had listed this as a craft for Super Saturday and I thought she'd post it. But Maria pointed out to me that it was a recycled craft idea so I decided to go ahead and post it here too. This is a simple diaper wipe cover. It takes material, ribbon, and hot glue to make it.

Glue the material to the base of the wipe case and again at the top (two separate pieces). Once you've done that, trim the edges to extra material. Then glue the trim around the edge of the case. Repeat for the top of the wipe case. Since my husband is in the Army I used the ACU material for one of them. Then I wrote my son's name with a paint pen.
I used brown ribbon because I could not find matching green ribbon.I used red ribbon to match some of the red in the material. This is my favorite of the two. These cases are selling on the Internet from 8 to 10 dollars. It cost me about 2.50 to make this but if you have material and ribbon on hand you could make it for nothing.

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