Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Broken Mirror No Longer

I am very honored that Maria asked me to contribute to this Recycled blog. Thank you Maria, for thinking a few of my ideas are worth sharing! This is a mirror I bought on super clearance for Shelby's room but when we moved here it got broke. We had to save it anyway until after I filled the claims paperwork so I just kept it afterward thinking I'd get around to doing something with it. We'll Maria's blog of recycled ideas got me working on this finally. I knew I wanted to turn it into a bulletin board. I found 12x12 tiled cork board at Target for a little over five dollars. I measured the area and cut the cork board tiles to fit. I thought about painting the cork board but that is always something I can do later. I'd also like to add curved screw things to put on the bottom for keys and such but I didn't have any in my tool box so they will have to be added later. I also found the pins at Target as well. Here is the before:
Here is the after. A pretty simple project that went from trash to use able in a matter of minutes.

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Maria said...

I was so excited to see the new post & I love what you did with the mirror! The smiley face, you're so funny! I love the key idea too!! Thanks for being willing to share your ideas!!!