Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hairbow holder craft

I got this idea from a similar idea I saw a few weeks ago. I had to change it up a little bit to make it my own but I'm pretty pleased with the way this craft turned out. I started with these art boards that come 3 in a pack at walmart for about 3 dollars. I drew a curved dress design on the back and then pulled out the power tools for an easier cut. The next step was painting. I chose a bright pink and applied two coats.

The next step is using the hot glue gun. I applied the twill at the bottom then the matching ribbons I'd picked out along with the flowers. I also added the hanger to make it look a little nicer and then hot glued the flower at the top. I plan on also adding a little girls name in the middle on the bodice of the "dress". Once its complete, little girls can use the ribbons to hold their hair bows. Super cute idea Right?


Shipley Family said...

Super cute. I Lo-o-o-o-o-ve it. said...

That is so cute! You are good!