Sunday, August 24, 2008

Key Holder

What started the idea.....this is actually not the first project that spawned my idea for "recycled crafting". It was a FedEx booklet that I'll post later on, but this is the first project I was able to FINISH. I completely forgot to take a picture before I painted it, but it was cream colored with ugly blue lines & a very faded looking picture on the front of a dilapidated looking home. Mark has been asking for a key holder, so when I saw it at the thrift store for $1.70, I figured I could turn it into something more our style.

The first picture was too dull & I know the next picture has a glare, but it shows the glossy look I was quite pleased with. This project was all about using things I already had, which is what I hope every project can be based on!

Here is it hung up on the wall. I use the clip to remind me what I need to put in the mailbox on my way out the door!

Here's a rundown of what I used:
1. old key holder purchased at thrift store - $1.70
2. spray paint found in garage, purchased ages ago & never used
3. 'Home' metal embellishments - bought at Dollar Tree over a year ago - $1.00
4. Ribbon - all from my ribbon stash
5. Clip - found in my pile of office supplies
6. Flower - bought at Big Lots over 6 months ago - big pack of them - $1.00


shipley family said...

I love it. Very crafty

Chandi said...

I am impressed. Very cute. I need to be more crafty. I want to be, but I rarely am.

Sybil said...

Very Crafty Maria! I can't wait to see what you do with the window pain you found!

Lisa said...

It turned awesome! I am always looking for ways to incorporate items that I would have thrown away into my crafts. said...

You are good.